Sunday, October 07, 2007

Introducing: Sweetpea and WeirdHead

Sweetpea and WeirdHead are two cats that lived nextdoor
in San Francisco. We go visit them whenever a kind soul
will buzz us in to the garden area.

They seemed to be exclusively "outdoor" cats. We often
found Sweetpea sitting on our porch in the rain. She would
make a little quack sound as we greeted her and urged her
to get under our stoop.

I called him WeirdHead because I didn't know his real name
and his head always seemed lopsided to me. To make matters
worse, he seems to have lost a tooth since we last saw him
causing his tongue to permanently hang out.

I also thought he looked weird when he meow-ed, moving
his head around and crinkling his nose.

Before we moved in, he must have been using our cement
backyard as a litter-box for a long time because there was
quite a good deal of his weird, orange shit. It makes the person
cleaning it wonder what kind of bizarre things such a cat is eating.