Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Return Time Eagle, Return

Time Eagle would like to thank all the loyal Time Eagle readers
as far and wide as Hawaii and Estonia. They have inspired
Time Eagle to redouble Time Eagle's efforts to bring up-to-date
information to readers.


a-Lee-da said...

That is an Amaaaaaaaaaaazing photo. Wow. Yeah! I'm so glad Time Eagle has returned. I would put you as my "blog hero" but don't know how to do that yet...I think it's an "advanced" operation. Is your cat model very expensive? does she charge by the hour, or photo?...she is really incredible, riviting.

Time Eagle said...

The cat model I work with, "Tub", is fairly expensive, but you can really see the quality in her work. She can be quite undiciplined and I'm afraid she always requests you come to her location, rather than vice versa. And I should clarify, by 'expensive', I mean how much food she will eat, as she always requests to be paid in cat-food.

Judy said...

Hooooray for the return of Time Eagle!