Thursday, October 09, 2008

Introducing: Antonio

Some readers may already be familiar with
some of Antonio's modeling work. It has been called bold,
fresh, and blurry. And now we are very pleased
to welcome him to TimeEagle. But there's more than just
classical good looks and a huge bladder here, ladies!
Let's find out about the cat behind the model.

Age: Unknown
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Long
Body Shape: Big head. Very fat in the belly.
Status: Single

Hobbies: When he's not sleeping, Antonio likes to patrol
the food dish at regular 10 minute intervals. This way he ensures
that food-dish status is normal. If another cat is trying
to eat during a "patrol", Antonio will smell the other cat until
it becomes uncomfortable and leaves.

Watch out ladies!!


pussycat said...

Beautiful shot of one of my all-time favorites. such a yearning, wistful look. Is he now residing at the time-eagle compound? send him my fondest regards and looking forward to more photos of this King of Fluff.

drestar said...

Oh how I miss this look! Great shot, I might add, makes a mama proud! Thanks for loving the stinker!

Summer Pierre said...

Wait! Antonio is living with you now? Tell him his godmother sends lots of high pitched voice calls to him and back scratches.