Sunday, September 20, 2009

Tub: Awakened

This was an extremely risky shot; I had left my zoom lens in the car but was determined to catch the animal at the precise moment it awoke from slumber. I ended up waiting over 3 hours, braving both frostbite and the grumpy animal's wrath to get the shot. Only inches from it's razor sharp claws and teeth, I could have been slashed in seconds if animal saw me as a threat. This was, unfortunately, the only picture I was able to snap before I began to fear for my safety. The animal would come to its senses momentarily, and be hungry after its nap. So I fled with my single trophy, and the satisfaction of sharing a brief moment with such a majestic beast.


Anonymous said...

thank you TimeEagle for risking life and limb to bring us this beautiful shot! Although the animal has a deceivingly docile and fluffy exterior...I do sense the unbridled power it could unleash in an instant. Great shot.


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